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  • Established in 1992, Z Con, Inc. is a full service concrete construction company. Our scope of work includes: commercial building foundations, industrial concrete applications, concrete paving, concrete demolition, excavation, formwork and rebar installation. We also place and finish concrete slabs of all types, construct concrete walls, place pervious concrete paving and perform various specialty concrete applications.

    A Legacy of Dedication

    Over the past 19 years, Z Con has become known to the clients and contractors we serve as the reliable, safe and quality conscious concrete contractor of choice in the Greater Baltimore/Washington Metropolitan region. Our dedication to quality workmanship, safe work practices and dependability is the direct result of hands-on leadership by company founder, owner and president, Mr. Thomas "Zeke" Zinchiak.

    Well known in the region as a leader in the concrete construction industry, Zeke has taken great care through the years to continually provide our staff with industry related education, training and certification programs that deepen our knowledge of concrete technologies and ensures our capabilities in the field. Our membership and involvement with the Maryland Ready Mix Concrete Association (MRMCA), American Concrete Institute (ACI) and American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) has provided us with exceptional resources and industry insight. All of these elements have served to develop Z Con into the award winning concrete contractor that we are, and will continue to strive to be for the future.

    Z Con and Pervious Concrete

    In 2005, while attending the annual ASCC conference in Denver, Colorado, Mr. Zinchiak witnessed a live demonstration on the installation of Pervious Concrete Paving. Upon learning of the environmental benefits of Pervious Concrete Paving, it was immediately apparent to him that it was necessary for Z Con to become proficient in the techniques required to perform its installation.

    Soon after attending the conference, Zeke began working with local ready-mix concrete suppliers and the MRMCA, performing trial batching and test placements of pervious concrete mixes in order to find consistent reliable mix designs for use in the region. It wasn't long before Z Con was equipped with all of the specialized equipment required to place pervious concrete and began to implement and improve on the techniques of placing pervious concrete.

    In February of 2009, Mr. Zinchiak became the first NRMCA Certified Pervious Concrete Craftsman in the State of Maryland. Today, we employ seven NRMCA Certified Pervious Concrete Installers. We are regularly performing successful placements of pervious concrete and soon we will have placed a cumulative total of over half a million square feet of pervious concrete paving. We are pleased to have become a recognized leader in the quality placement of pervious concrete. We are equally proud to be instrumental in the development and installation of a construction product that helps change the environment for the better.

    The Value of Relationships

    We understand that some of the major reasons for our continued growth and success as a company are the results of the relationships we build. This goes beyond our business relationships with clients and contractors and extends into the community where we live. We are grateful for those relationships, which is why we believe strongly that it is our responsibility to give back to our community through the donation of our time and expertise.

    In recent years, Z Con has donated its services to place pervious sidewalks for ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on a project in Washington, D.C. and a pervious patio for an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition project in Maryland. We have also furnished the labor and equipment to place pervious concrete at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, an educational facility for Chesapeake Bay life in MD. Most recently we furnished our labor and equipment to place pervious concrete in a collaborative effort with several other local contractors in the construction of a new ticket/concession building at Joppatowne H.S. in Joppatowne, MD (a project which was built using only sustainable construction practices).

    Giving back to our community is a core value that originates from, and is demonstrated by, Mr. Zinchiak on a regular basis. He often gives of his time to serve on panels and in seminars that provide educational opportunities on various topics related to concrete construction to fellow tradesmen, design professionals and municipal leaders.

    We are only as good as our people, our personal commitment to our clients, and the quality of work we perform. We are always looking for better ways to improve and to save our clients time and money as we build relationships that will last for years to come.

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